About Me

Life brought me to a mountain village in the French Alpes near Grenoble.  It was unexpected but felt right. Learning French and being in a new culture has taken me out of my comfort zone on many occasions, but listening to my intuition and finding new ways to support myself have been both a fulfilling and challenging journey for me.

I worked in a variety of service marketing roles before training as a homeopath when my children were small. I love being with and working with people, particularly when connections are made through conversations and understanding our own individual stories, which we all have.

Moving to France has given me time to make things and be creative in a very imperfect way!  Teaching myself to knit, dancing wildly at Biodanza classes and scribbling stories, poetry and notes have flourished and nourished me in recent years. We are creative beings – it’s who we are, by denying ourselves a relationship with creativity in whatever way you want is fear of our own beautiful voices.

I love felt tip pens, notebooks, yoga, being outside in nature, cooking healthy food, swimming in cold wild places and exploring life through adventures and meeting new people. Oh and snow!


In April 2013 I decided that I had to fulfil a dream which wouldn’t go away by walking the Camino of Saint James from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago de Compostella in Spain.It took me 32 days to walk 550 miles/800 kilometres.
This was a profound experience for me as I was out of my comfort zone big time, had to overcome some old out-dated beliefs, and let go of responsibilities to focus on myself and achieve a dream I’d had for a couple of years. The result was I did it! I met amazing people, saw fantastic scenery, awakened my senses and enjoyed being me. A surprising outcome was the opportunity to write from my heart and how much I loved blogging about my experiences, which you can read about in 2013 Camino Blog


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