Find Your Wild Woman Challenge

What’s it about?

  • You know you have feminine superpowers but don’t know where they’ve gone….
  • Your divine feminine energy feels lost in a man’s world of doing all the time….
  • You want to connect and trust your intuition more but don’t know where to start….
  • Have you lost your inner wolf? Where is she? Is she desperate to howl? 

Then you’re welcome to join us and connect with your inner wild woman.

SHE is your force and her voice is familiar –she speaks to you in signs, images, symbols, gives you nudges and you know what needs to be done next.

Your wild self is when you don’t give a shit/f*k and go for the life you want. You do whatever you have to do, but it takes courage, practice and SUPPORT! So is your inner witch ready to come out to play? And do the work?

Come and join us to Re-wild the earth and moon parts of yourself and live according to your heart, instincts and intuition. For inspiration and connection click below and let’s start living life wildly! This is a free 5 day challenge to “Find your Wild Woman”.

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