You have to share, if you don’t share, you are lost

I read this quote by the author Paulo Coelho in June 2012 in an interview at the end of his book The Witch of Portobello. It’s more of a sentence than a quote but the relevance of these words for me at that time in my life continues to impact my life and decisions today.

The reality at that time was how my life in France felt small and insular despite meeting people from all over the world and feeling a constant sense of understanding a new life.

The comfort of our home, being in our little family, protecting ourselves, sleeping lots and finding our way into this new life little by little was right for us in those first two years.

Following many enormous and significant changes in the subsequent two years, these words continue to resound in my head when I ask myself am I sharing? I don’t give myself indiscriminately all the time as that would be a flawed decision to my own personal well-being. I share selectively but my heart is open to situations, people and opportunities to share all that I have.

Last week I shared my home and food with friends who came to stay and ski nearby. We shared our space and having fun with each other. This week I will share my time to help a friend who is staying to find some clarity about a future decision and all that it means. We will share laughter and time together.


To celebrate the end of the term at a local French class, I shared an enormous meal with over 20 people from France, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey. This group of retired people who offer their time to a small group of us learning French is warm and welcoming. I shared my homemade fruitcake, cheddar cheese and humour with this eclectic elderly group for several hours. As the youngest person around the table, I was struck by how my life has changed in the last two years and from the one I had in the UK, whilst I tasted polenta, chick pea soup, couscous, pizza, wine and many desserts. I felt comfortable and very grateful for the opportunity to share with others. My life feels expansive and connected to people. I no longer feel lost or without a purpose.

Sharing can be present in our lives in many forms. We can share our skills, talents and money with others. The desire to share ourselves with another in an intimate loving relationship and receive their offerings is the force of desire between two people. It exists as a basic human need, which we strive to find in a variety of ways via strong positive relationships or other less fulfilling relationships.

Are you sharing yourself inappropriately at the moment? If yes then maybe there is a new way to share your offerings with the world and see what happens. Does sharing what you have with others or yourself with another expand who you are? Sharing and love are closely intertwined.

I share myself, my home, my time and my money with others. It is time to share my talents with the world – my skills, my experience and all that I have learnt along my path. I want to share my beliefs and outlook on life, which is simply – you can have the life you want. I love my life and I sincerely hope that you do too.

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