2 Different Days to date

So I made it! All the way to Roncesvalles and a beautiful albergue in a monastery. It rained the entire day and I walked for 7 hours in countryside very reminiscent of the Lake District. The green steep hills with areas of rusty dead bracken, the moving veils of mist, foreboding sculptures of rock and overflowing streams of fast white water. It reminded me of the Monday walks I used to do with friends in Cumbria. Similarly the camaraderie and varied conversations I experienced along the Camino meant the kms just ticked by.

After observing the locals in a bar drinking a pale coloured drink called Cutty Sark, I decided to partake too. This delicious whiskey taken with milky coffee warmed and sustained me to carry on despite the soggy sensation on various parts of my body.

Attending a pilgrims’ mass in Spanish rounded the day off wonderfully with time to reflect and to feel a sense of gratitude for my life.

Today, however has been more challenging with blisters forming on my little toes and walking for much of the day on my own. Time to be was what I needed but you are more aware of the distance and aches and pains which you have, whilst company, conversation and sharing the Camino means being in the present which for me is much harder to do on my own. So I am in a hostel in Zubiri now sharing and chatting with a lovely group of people before a beer and dinner!!!X x x