4 Seasons in 6 Days..

So I started today with snow from Estella and without my walking poles, so an extra 1km to my 21km day but I am here now in Los Arcos.

I’m loving Spain!!! I can’t believe I’ve missed this beautiful country and have only been here 3 times. The countryside, architecture, red wine fountains and of course the food, are fantastic.


Wine en route

It’s been a mixture of emotions over the last few days as I developed an allergy to the 1000 mile socks and my lower legs swelled with a rash over my feet – so I have new wool socks given to me by a fellow pilgrim. The realisation that it could all be over was too much after 27km and not enough food and water so I had a few solitary tears and felt better.


My days have involved walking with a number of older gentleman from all over the world, who have all out-walked me!!  However, their snoring is something else!!!

Ok, time to find my earplugs and rest my colourful feet before tomorrow.

Bon nuit Ali x

p.s. I’m feeling great and experiencing so much on my Camino.