Finally in my 40’s I love myself and my body. I’m able to recognize, appreciate and celebrate my strengths as well as getting over myself when necessary! These all come from having self awareness and taking responsibility for my behaviour (not always easy!) For years I was very self critical and in denial – not doing/good enough, comparing myself with others, basing my success on my job title/income and all whilst feeling I wasn’t being my ‘real’ self.

My journey of self development coincided with becoming a mum and looking after my own mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. I felt a real need to find emotional support to make sense of life as it seemed unfair and that I was surviving rather than living whilst looking after everyone and still being only in my 20s. Childbirth changed my body physically and I started to see the body’s amazing capacity to heal itself through alternative therapies, nature, movement and meditation.

Emotionally it was time for a change too. Having worked in a variety of marketing jobs, I wanted more flexibility, to spend time with my family and to work more closely with people. I’m a people person with introvert tendencies! I retrained in homeopathy, became self-employed and have lived life as an adventure since making this decision.

In 2010 life unexpectedly took me on another adventure from the North of England to the French Alps, where I now live, speak French, garden and ski with my family.

10 things to know about me:

  • I love dancing particularly Biodanza and will start my own classes soon
  • I’m a great listener and talk fast
  • I like travelling on trains – they inspire me
  • I prefer eating vegetables and spicy Asian cuisine
  • I birthed identical twin daughters – naturally with homeopathy
  • I swim in wild cold water whenever I can
  • I swear often, only in English
  • I drink lots of tea – all types including Yorkshire Tea where I’m from
  • I’ve walked the Camino way to Santiago (500 miles in 32 days)
  • I was a witch once upon a time…..