Are you afraid of your own voice?

I don’t think you are, but it’s the voice that speaks without sound, the one that stays in your head, talks to itself and shouts so loud that your real voice is drowned out. This voice creates fear to move forward, take on new challenges and believe in ourselves. BUT do we hear our real voice, the one which speaks from our heart and believes that all is really possible in our lives?

It’s our real voice which tells us our strengths and that you can really do that job you want or the idea you have on waking. We consider what this voice tells us, feel the exciting possibility of all that it’s offering and start to dream of what could be in our lives. This is our authentic voice speaking and where our communication should come from. We know this – it’s Saint Valentine’s day. But often not even our nearest loved ones hear this voice speaking except on occasions like today.

When I hear myself speaking French I hear somebody else. I feel like an actress performing in an old French theatre like the Folies Bergere with red velvet curtains and spotlights shining upwards into my eyes, highlighting every aspect of my face. I feel naked and exposed both on the inside and outside as people understand what I’m saying with some creative interpretation and decoding of my English mother tongue infused accent.

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I agonized how to portray my real self via my French voice, to the point of denying its existence as much as I could, which wasn’t really a viable way to live considering I live in France.

When I used to begin speaking, I would feel the vocal chords in my throat tighten, a restriction would appear in throughout my body and then the other voice would start: “Oh God, you’re in trouble, you’re floundering, they’re looking confusingly at you, why the hell did you start on trying to explain something so complex, shut up and finally get me out of here.’

The strength of this booming voice was getting louder as was the realization that I was afraid of hearing my real voice in a different language.

The solution for me was to find another mode to communicate and connect with people, showing the real me with only a minimal use of words but coming from my heart in a truly authentic way. This was through dancing wildly in a loving supportive group of people. My interactions with others come from my heart, I tell them what I am saying and feeling from my heart and I show them with my gestures, eyes and movement. They know what I am saying as their real voice hears my heart speaking to their hearts. It’s profound communication.

And when my inner actress speaks to my neighbours, shop assistants or whoever it is from an open heart filled with courage – dancing and singing centre stage. The audience often still looks confused at my performance but I smile from my heart, take a bow and receive my encore warmly and welcomingly!

Speak from your heart and make it audible for everyone to hear – to make sure you get the job you want, connect with the people you want to and realize those ideas into reality. Heart felt real voice communications have a multiplying effect in lives I promise you – try it today. Bonne Saint Valentin.