Create the best 2014!

As the last weeks of 2013 go by, now is the right time to start pondering what you want to create in your life in 2014. The ability to really create the lives we want for ourselves is there for the taking, available to us as individuals consciously choosing what is right for us, what we need to nourish ourselves and what no longer serves us.

Considering goals, dreams, intentions and the support required in order to fulfill them can be both an overwhelming and exciting process. The key is to do this with conscious intent and actually create something. This may be drawing, writing, vision or dream boards. By committing yourself, your ideas are more likely to manifest into reality and you have a personal document to refer to throughout the year or at times of struggle.

Are you ready to get the most out of life in 2014? Are you in need of some of direction and planning to make this happen? If you have answered yes to these questions then working with me for a one off session will help you to identify the goals and dreams you want in all the areas of your life, including your personal, spiritual, business, health and wellbeing.

My “Get up & Walk into 2014” coaching session offers you the time and opportunity to explore what needs to be let go of in your life and what you want to welcome into it. The session starts with questions about your 2013; the positives and the negatives, followed by time to dream out loud your biggest, craziest dreams and those petite changes which make the difference between an extra ordinary life and an EXTRAORDINARY life! That’s what we have to strive for – living a beautiful, exciting life that we create ourselves for ourselves. No holds barred! No excuses! Just lives doing what we want to do and that fill us up with joy. It sounds so simple and it is, but you need wildness, creativity and action to REALLY make it happen.

So what’s stopping you? Money, time, fear, all excuses for not getting up and walking into life, but totally relevant and easy to justify to yourself. Why not go beyond them with me and a creative coaching session and see what results? What have you got to loose? £45 and an hour of your time, not much really but you have a lot to gain – clarity, decisions, projects and a tonne of enthusiasm to make shit happen in 2014!

What you will need is some focus, commitment, plenty of felt tip pens and paper. I will send you some questions beforehand for you to ponder and then we will meet virtually on Skype or FaceTime and we can explore your ideas to make 2014 YOUR year be the best it can be.

To book a “Get up & Walk into 2014″ session or to ask any questions you have at all please contact me and I will happily answer them. Take the next step and walk your creative path