Is your curiosity or intuition demanding to know more? If you’re thinking about joining the course then ask yourself:

  • Are you feeling overloaded or that your needs come last? 
  • Do you want to know and trust yourself more? 
  • When did you last consciously listen to your intuition? 
  • Where does self care feature on your to do list? 
  • When did you last take some time for yourself?

When you take even a few minutes for yourself, your body & intuition know it – this is a powerful message to yourself on so many levels including your sixth sense – your intuition. 

Connecting with yourself on a daily basis, whilst forming a new habit doesn’t need to be time consuming. It just needs regularity over a few weeks and some support to help you along the way. When we feel inspired and nurtured we get so much more done in our busy everyday lives. Daily Connection is time for YOU.

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The Benefits of Daily Connection: Boosting Your Intuition

  • Connection with your intuition using a practical tool 
  • Strengthen your intuition in a few minutes a day
  • Develop a new habit to go to when you need guidance or inspiration
  • Gain confidence & more presence in your daily life
  • Get the benefits of meditating without sitting cross legged for hours
  • Time for yourself and to hang out with other like minded souls 

The results you will feel at the end of this course:

  • You will start to see how you can carve out a few minutes of You time every day
  • Your capacity to interpret & understand the cards in relation to yourself
  • A sense of increased confidence 
  • More inspired with creativity about words, images, archetypes, etc.
  • You will connect with the magical mysticism found in the cards 

You will receive: 

  • Weekly emails for 4 weeks
  • Videos of practical information on how to boost your intuition, advice on interpreting your selections, different card spreads to use & ritual suggestions to help you develop your practise 
  • Homework including journaling questions to ask yourself
  • A pdf of the slide presentations

You will need to have at least one deck of your own oracle, angel or tarot cards to work with during the course. Information will be given in week 1 of suggestions for different decks & places to buy them. Beware! –  Card decks with their beautiful messages and art work are contagious. You may feel the desire to buy some more!

Price: 69€ 


Why work with me? 

 As a teacher and coach working with women who are open to exploring themselves and the ‘other’ sides of life, my intuition is my guide in how I work and what I do. Ignoring my intuition at times in my life has taken me down wrong paths and I’ve had to dig deep, go within, seek out support and make necessary changes to move forward. Moving to France and starting over again without the backup of language skills allowed my intuition to take centre stage and become the guiding principle in my life choices relating to my personal and work choices. One big result is I now teach Biodanza dancing classes in French. 

If you choose to connect with your intuition through this course You are saying Yes to yourself first and foremost. This is a self study class that you can take at any time and work through at your own pace.

What clients say about my work:

Ali taught me to listen to my voice and body, to find stillness and the power of just being. Thanks to Ali I embraced myself and my emotions. I feel empowered and strong – Stacey M

Ali is a wonderful holder of space  – her workshops nourish, challenge and inspire me to live more as who I really am – Helena C

Spending time with Ali is truly inspirational. Her energy is infectious and you can’t help but be enthusiastic about moving forward, making changes and listening to your inner voice – Susannah A