Signs of Spring in Bayonne

Firstly to all my lovely friends a big ‘thank you’ for all your encouraging messages. I have been blown away by your support, which has helped me in the last few weeks as my fears and anxieties have come up big time! I am sitting in the sunshine in beautiful Bayonne on the west of France after a night in the premier Classe hotel, not the classiest of joints but a good start to the basic accommodation I will be enjoying over the next few weeks. So after signing to buy a house and make our move to France more permanent, red highlights had to be done! The hairdresser said the word:”flash” several times – which is one way to interpret them.

This trip seemed the ideal opportunity to go for it, be daring and actually do it rather than just thinking about it. There is a great song by Yannick Noah called OSE from the verb ‘oser’ – to dare! Simple video but worth a view on YouTube.

After car sharing with 2 nice young men for 8 hrs I arrived here, and today I am at a festival of all things ham and eating scrummy gateaux de Basque. Ok, my posts are going to be short as I’m a newbie to this blogging malarkey which is not easy on a phone.

I’m feeling light and excited about the weeks and the challenges ahead of me. The signs of Spring are so visible here with lots of blossom and small acid green coloured leaves on the trees. Time to feel this new season with all of our senses. X