What do flowers mean for you?

My week has contained several connections with flowers. In France the first signs of Spring I see are tiny lemon yellow specks in the banks lining the route down the mountain. For the last 4 years my curiosity quickly followed by delight at these beautiful love-filled flowers leads me to get close to them and want to capture their beauty on camera. IMG_1526

In a busy day, it’s often not easy to find that time to stop, for yourself or to be in nature. This week I have done all of the above, firstly when I stopped the car on my way home to get out and snap a quick photo. The luminosity of their yellow colour and visual pleasure is lost in the image, but they stand out as a sign of spring and all that it will bring, along with being a reminder to notice what is around and be in the present moment.

Secondly whilst my girls cart-wheeled, vaulted and performed gymnastics, I took myself off to walk in the woods, which incline towards and beneath the looming mountain range above, alongside a fast flowing stream from an impressive waterfall that careers over the mountain face in pursuit of the calm flowing valley floor. I have found a space to be in nature for an hour to sit, watch, look and listen to the running water.

The primroses lined the path and I crouched down to photograph them from different angles, either alone or in clumps, which create patterns and make me think of sharp lemon tarts, which are a patisserie delight in France. Food and flowers, especially primroses fill me with love and I’m grateful for their early arrival, despite my concerns about the implications of us having mild winters.IMG_1529

As I approached my patch of turf above the stream, secluded by some bare branches, I found to my astonishment a bouquet of cultivated flowers nestling amongst the grass. This beautiful arrangement of green foliage, bright pink gerberas and creamy pink flowers wrapped in cellophane was a striking image in this natural setting. Their position was visible whilst being away from the main path and on the edge of the streams bank, but they did not look out of place. IMG_1532

It was both surprising and gratifying to know that somebody else too enjoyed this tiny spot in nature and felt comfortable as I did in this space. As I sat in nature questions followed of why were they there? A loss of a loved one who needed to be remembered last Friday on Saint Valentine’s Day or possibly an unrequited love? Feelings of love for all I have in my life today, tomorrow including the primroses flowed forth with the noisy stream and from considering somebody else’s feelings of possible loss. I felt very grateful and appreciative of what I have and for the beauty of flowers, however they are grown and wherever you find them – tell me what flowers say to you? IMG_1527