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Are you open to engaging in a process of transformation…..?

Your body is your guide to your life. Loving and listening to its signs, symptoms and your intuition is how you learn about yourself and love who you are. Honouring your body in this way allows you to live authentically, find your voice and overcome the fear of change to empower you to live in your Divine feminine energy.

We will meet in sacred space to go deeper into your body’s messages to identify what needs to be healed. You have the answers. You know what’s next. It’s time to reclaim your feminine superpowers.

Who is this work for?

  • Women who don’t love their bodies or feel able to lavish them with self care. What’s your relationship like with your body?
  • Women who feel disconnected from their wild inner woman and her deep intuitive knowing. Can you stand in your power?
  • Women wanting to explore their relationship with their menstrual cycle. Are your periods a nuisance or painful?
  • Women who have lost their authentic voice.
  • Women who know they’re not fulfilling their potential.

My Approach

Working with you to access your inner wisdom may involve any or a combination of these techniques:

  • Oracle cards
  • Prescribing homeopathic remedies if appropriate
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Dance movements
  • Journaling prompts

Taking responsibility for your own health starts with yourself. This is a powerful healing message to your body. There are no quick fixes. Changing lifestyle patterns and breaking habits takes time and commitment.

Ask yourself if you’re looking for miracles? Are you fully open to engaging in a process of transformation including taking inspired action after our sessions?
You will know whether my style of working is right for you. Trust your instincts. Alternatively email me for a complimentary quick chat to see how my holistic approach will be able to help you.

By the end of our session you will feel:

  • You’re stepping into your own power as the empowered authentic beautiful woman that you are!
  • An increased sense of self confidence
  • More accepting of your body/menstrual cycle
  • In touch with your intuition
  • That you’ve honoured yourself
  • Other side affects could include – clarity, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, joie de vivre and so much more the list is endless when you live from your heart and love yourself! 

The benefits

You will feel confident about what you have to do next and will have tools to move forward. This could be prioritizing yourself, introducing more self care, confidence to make changes, speaking your truth, or feeling more connected to your menstrual cycle.

About the sessions

This is deep work that demands support and that’s what I provide to my clients, so you know that you’re not alone on this journey.

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After the first consultation I will intuitively select a personal bottle of flower essences for you to take orally to support your journey as we work together. Essences work by raising your energetic vibration as well as keeping you grounded when opening up to new possibilities. I work with Lightbringer Flower Essences – visit www.lightbe.co.uk if you’d like to read more about them.